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Please be aware of Xylitol sweetener! I just read an article that states if your pet ingests enough of this, depending on  their weight,  it can harm, if not kill them.  It is found a lot in gum but also, "natural" peanut butter! Please read ingredients on labels before giving your pet any processed food, natural or not! If you would like a copy of the article please let me know!

Policy and Holiday reminders and updates!

If you need to cancel a scheduled visit/s, please do so two days before service date.

If you cancel the day of, or the day before, payment is due in full.

Please remember that our day is scheduled around the furkids visits and we need to be sure we can maintain the flow of the day in a positive and top quality manner.

If you need a last minute visit, I promise to try my best to fit it in. But I can't guarantee beyond a quick drop in potty break, which will be charged in full $18.00.

Holiday Updates:

Major Holidays are a $10.00 per visit up charge:

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Years Eve
New Years Day
July 4TH
Memorial Day
Labor Day

Other holidays a $5.00 up charge applies:

Columbus Day


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